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Speakers Training Camp

Preparing for an Upcoming Presentation?

Could your sales presentations use some oomph?

Are you ready to cut your preparation time in half?

Need a course on effective technical presentations?

Bring a certified the Speakers Training Camp® workshop instructor to your organization. We offer award-winning on-site presentation training for executives, supervisors, managers, sales teams, and front-line personnel. 

Wherever you are worldwide, we can help.

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What You Will Learn

In these workshops featuring the Speakers Training Camp® workshop, you will:

• Learn how to quickly organize your presentation
• Make it riveting for your audience

• Create a dynamic style
• Conquer your nerves

Since 1981, we have helped over 20,000 people, both beginner and advanced, unlock the secrets of effective presentations. The methods we use in our presentation training are based on over 30 years of audience research – the most extensive research in the industry.

We are top-rated, highly interactive,
and famous for results!

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We Customize to Meet Your Needs

Our presentation skills training course is available in a variety of topics. Customized for your needs, these sessions vary in length from half-day, to one-day and two-day.

We also provide individualized virtual coaching advice over the phone, email, and virtual.

Executive Business Presentation Skills

One-day format for busy executives. Results are dramatic. Response is overwhelming with comments like “best program I’ve attended” and “well worth the time.” Become well-organized, dynamic, and motivational. 

Trainers Training Camp

Tune in to their needs, their objectives, and their world, for maximum results. Highly interactive. Ideal for trainers both new and experienced. Stresses audience participation, results, and follow-up.

Technical Presentation Skills Training

Popular with technical experts who want to make dull facts and figures come to life. Focus is on creating and delivering well-organized, interesting, dynamic presentations. This session is filled with active participation and coaching.

Sales Presentations Training Camp

Interactive approach to persuasion. Program involves lots of video-coaching, videotaping, and feedback. This is highly recommended for individuals who need to enhance their selling skills no matter if they are selling products or ideas.

Presentations Made Easy

Entry-level workshop, ideal for people who have a high degree of fear about giving presentations. The focus is on making the process fun, quick, and easy.

New! Half-day mini Camp

Four powerful hours of the most critical information on becoming a dynamic, confident, and interesting presenter. The session includes short video-coaching segments. Ideal if you have time or budget constraints. 

What Are They Saying?

"Super session. Absolutely the best I have attended."
Dr. Carlene Reinhart, Xerox

"The Speakers Training Camp® workshop’ is bar none one of the best training programs I’ve ever attended."
J. Dervin, Training Manager, Insight

"Participating in the Speakers Training Camp® workshop is a unique and rewarding experience. It’s fun to see a group of professionals leave Sue’s training with an elevated sense of confidence, anxious to use their enhanced skills."
Rick Robison, Senior Instructional Designer, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Attending a Speakers Training Camp® workshop will help you become a more effective presenter and a dynamic public speaker. Attending a workshop is not a one-time experience. We keep in contact with our graduates and aim to be your resource for life. Your presentation skills and your confidence in public speaking will keep on growing.